MEDIMAG aims to contribute to a better life for patients by providing high quality healthcare solutions and training expertise and cooperation of medical specialists.

MEDIMAG specializes in the supply of medical equipment, devices and supplies in the field of cardiology and cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, general surgery, radiology and more. among the specific activities of the company is the introduction of medical know-how worldwide. we strive to offer the bulgarian market the latest products and innovative medical technologies worldwide.


Medimag-MS and Abbott Vascular аre pleased to present to the Bulgarian market the fourth revolution in the interventional cardiology.

AbsorbAbsorb BVS is intravascular bioresorbable scaffold, which combines the advantages of the proven practice in the global drug eluting stents with the possibility not to leave a permanent implant in the body. Thus giving rise to a new stage in vascular reconstructive therapy.


Unlike pre-existing stents, BVS starts absorbing and after 2-3 years disappears completely. This allows the vessel wall to fully recover and to function normally.
Lack of foreign body virtually eliminates the risk of late thrombosis and does not affect in any way the subsequent surgery.

Interview with d-r Gelev … (Bulgarian Language)