1. Anesthesia machines

Pasithec – Heyer Medical AG

anesteziologichni aparatiPasithec – Heyer Medical AG is the innovative resource for today’s anesthesiologists, providing the responsive support they need regardless of rapid changes in patient or surgical conditions.
The modular, ergonomic unit seamlessly combines powerful ventilatory capabilities evolved from the SERVO platform with unique anesthetic delivery and management
capabilities. FLOW-i empowers anesthesiologists with the ability to maintain optimal anesthetic parameters with no interruption to advanced ventilatory support.


IternIS Base – Heyer Medical AG

RespiratoriThe IternIS Base ventilator family addresses the very different requirements of neonatal, pediatric and adult needs from a single ventilation platform. All four configurations are the same ventilator, equipped with different functions. The same ventilator can be used at the bedside, during transport and in the MR-room facilitating training, operation and maintenance, increasing efficiency and flexibility. IternIS Base is an intensive care ventilator for all patient categories and is available in two editions – Basic and Extended, the latter featuring a wide range of modes and functions as standard.

3. Patient monitors

patientni monitoriInnovative design combined with unique technology – it is a guarantee that your patients are under constant surveillance. You decide which parameters to be monitored, thanks to the unique modular design, with the possibility of future expansion.

4. Defibrillators

Osatu Bexen

defibrilatoriТhe full range of defibrillators of Bexen Cardio, offer solutions adapted to different needs – from modern equipment for hospital care to portable devices for public use.

5. Electric Intensive care beds

Mespa Medical

reanimacionni leglaHigh quality motorized beds of Mespa Medical are specially developed and designed for critically ill patients. They support their therapy, prevent further complications and facilitate medical staff in application of daily care.

6. Hospital furnitures

bolnichni mebeliWide range of high quality hospital furnitures, including medication cabinets, bedside cabinets, overbed tables, wardrobes and examination couches.