Computed Tomography


1. Aquilion ONE ViSION Edition

In 2007 the history of CT changed again with the introduction of 160 mm wide Dynamic Volume CT. The Aquilion ONE offers the next leap forward in CT technology that will revolutionize patient care.

Introducing the Aquilion ONE ViSION Edition — Providing robust clinical solutions for you and your patients when you need them most. Aquilion ONE ViSION enables successful examination of all patients, with the lowest possible exposure doses and the highest quality diagnostic outcomes. — FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME.

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2. Aquilion PRIME


Aquilion PRIME incorporates cutting-edge technologies designed to meet your current and future clinical needs. Innovative features ensure that high-quality images for best possible diagnosis are routinely acquired with lowest possible patient dose. The workflow is streamlined increasing your patient throughput and reducing waiting times.

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3. Astelion Advance Edition


Everybody deserves a high-performance multislice CT system. Astelion systems provide outstanding cost performance and excellent image quality. Astelion Advance Edition is the only entry level multislice CT system in the industry offering the same superb Adaptive Iterative Dose Reconstruction technique (AIDR 3D) as implemented in our elite CT systems.

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4. Aquilion LB


Dramatically expand the dimensions of CT oncology. Aquilion LB is specifically designed to meet oncology challenges and improve patient care.

Now CT simulation positioning can easily mirror radiation therapy positioning without compromise.

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