Angiography & Roentgen




Combining the exceptional flexibility of our floor- and ceiling-mounted positioners, the biplane is a great choice for pediatric, vascular and neuro diagnostic and interventional imaging.

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This floor-mounted C-arm system offers the flexibility of a ceiling-mounted system thanks to its innovative 5-axis positioner for maximal projection flexibility and optimal patient access. Performance without compromise with a choice between three different types of detectors: 20 cm x 20 cm for dedicated cardiac procedures, 30 cm x 40 cm for general vascular or 30 cm x 30 cm for mixed cardiovascular applications.

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The ceiling-mounted C-arm system with the large 30 cm x 40 cm flat panel detector is our flagship for interventional angiography. The system offers patient access from all sides so that every examination can be done without moving the table and hence keeping the patient still. It is available with three different flat panel sizes: 30 cm x 40 cm, 30 cm x 30 cm and 20 cm x 20 cm.

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The combination of the Infinix Ceiling with the fully integrated dedicated surgical Maquet Magnus table perfectly meets the requirements for the rapidly growing number of hybrid procedures. Its flexibly designed ceiling rail system allows perfect patient access in any situation. The system is available with three different flat panel sizes: 30 cm x 40 cm, 30 cm x 30 cm and 20 cm x 20 cm.

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5. ULTIMAX – i


The incorporation of a C-arm permits the region of interest to be observed from various angles. In addition, the combination of a 43cm × 43cm flat panel detector (FPD) provides a large image field for a wide variety of examinations. The new imaging technology “Super Noise Reduction Filter (SNRF)” has been adopted to improve visualization in fluoroscopy, which is of critical importance in many examinations. This system makes it possible to perform multidirectional imaging with a large image field and excellent image quality.

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The best selection you can make. This system represents a dramatic revolution in the potential of full-digital systems with flat panel detectors. Incorporating a variety of flexible features, the Toshiba remote control digital R/F system ZEXIRA can support highly specialized examinations equivalent to those available with dedicated systems. The full capabilities of this high-performance system can be applied to a wide range of studies, such as gastrointestinal radiography, general purpose examinations, and urology procedures. The system employs a people-friendly universal design, providing a comfortable examination environment both for operators and patients.

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The RADREX has been developed to satisfy various needs in general radiography. Depending on the clinical objectives and available space in the examination room, an optimum system can be selected from a lineup ranging from premium systems that cost-effective basic systems

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